Team Rallycards: Technical Profile

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Team Rallycards: Technical Profile

Purchased in October 2006, the car has been developed from a competitive road rally car to a clubman stage rally car. It is run and maintained by Gardner Motorsport.

o 10 point OMP roll cage.
o Floor pan braced with tubular steel which acts as seat sub frames.
o Recaro bucket seats.
o Sparco deep dish steering wheel.
o Navi florecent map reading light. Navi foot rest.
o Branz Timer.
o Ally fuel tank guard.
o Ally PTS sump guard.
o Braded Fuel and brake lines in car.
o Sparco Strut brace

o Mainly standard just a few mods.
o K&N induction kit. Piper cam.
o Grp N engine mounts.
o Samco Hoses throughout.

o 1.6 be3 gearbox.
o Quafe ATB diff.
o Group N shafts.
o Max touqe clutch.
o Sub frame, shafts & anti roll bar all 309 GTI.
o Rose jointed gear linkage.
o Rear beam 309 GTI (Disked).
o Polly bushed.
o Spax adjustables on front & Bilstein on rear.
o New quick rack Steering
o Competition Top Mount Bushes

o Drilled & groved front disks with 1155 Mintex comp pads.
o Disks on rear with 1144 Mintex comp pads.
o Goodrich braided hoses.
o Hydraulic hand brake.
o Willwood bias brake valve.

Personal profiles and interests of the Team Rallycards Driver and Navigator,

Driver; Gareth Lay

Occupation; Chartered Surveyor

First Event; AGBO Stages (navigator), Weston Park March 1997. Ford Escort Cosworth. 2nd Overall

Favourite Car; MG Metro 6R4

Other interests; Triathlons; Squash; Travelling; Mountain Biking

Most inspirational driver; Ari Vatanen, World Champion 1980. The most naturally talented driver of the eighties who went on the win the world championship in a privately run car. He would always have a glass of milk on the podium when he won an event, thanks to his milk co-operative sponsors.

Most memorable rally; Spectating at Rally Catalunya 2003. From the start of the event meeting Tommi Makinen, through spectating under to ‘the bridge’

Navigator; Andy Tomlinson

Occupation; Fleet Car Manager

First Event; Whitedials Stages, Northamptonshire May 2007. Peugeot 205 Gti. 35th Overall

Favourate Car; Subaru Impreza 555

Other interests; Running, Football, Marshalling and Event Organization

Most inspirational driver; Richard Burns. Consistent, calm, strategic and determined to win. A true Sportsman who was never able to truly fulfil his potential.

Most memorable rally; Rally Catalunya 2003. Feeling the speed, inches away from the action from behind an Armco barrier.