Strong Run nets top 50 place

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Team made their first visit to Weston Park in Staffordshire on Sunday 9th March to compete in the crew's inaugural event of the year, the 2009 ABGO Stages.

Set in the grounds of a Stately Home, 10 testing stages which have been used by the RAC rally in the past, lay ahead and a field of over 70 cars which had assembled on a cold and clear morning.

Event conditions were difficult following overnight rain, and a steady start on SS1 allowed the crew gain their confidence on the damp twisty stages. At the lunch time halt the time cards showed consistent times with no major dramas.

The run of afternoon stages saw conditions drying, and the benefit of greater traction allowed the crew to take back some places battling against the many Ford Escorts entered into the class. The final two stages saw the use of the infamous water splash which had seen the demise of many crews in the past. This was tackled with caution and the Peugeot 205 emerged unscathed as they headed for the finish. But it nearly all came to an end with a high speed spin on the final corner, which was a result of over enthusiasm. Loosing only a handful of seconds, the car was undamaged and made it to the finish in 49th position overall.